Throughout college, my sleep habits/patterns continually worsened. I often lay awake staring at the ceiling for what feels like hours or go through the constant things filling my mind. I really wanted to better my sleep habits, but I did not know what to do. I tried counting, drinking tea, and would even lay in bed saying “go to sleep Summer, go to sleep”. Now I know this is not breaking news, but it took me forever to actually try it (shameful, I know), but for the past week, I turn off the technology at least 30 minutes before getting in my bed. No TV, no computer, no cell phone. I even make sure I set my alarm (on my phone) before I start my nighttime ritual. I feel my time with the usual teeth brushing, face washing, and then I read. For at least thirty minutes I read and avoid technology. 

You would not believe how FAST I go to sleep at night. Of course I don’t know exactly how long it takes me to fall asleep now, but I do know I toss and turn far less, I’m not counting, and I’m barely thinking about my ever-growing to-do list. Again, I know this isn’t breaking news, but if you have trouble falling asleep, try it. I’m not promising it will work, but I can pretty much promise it won’t hurt! It’s also doing wonders for my #52in52 challenge! Yes, I’m behind, but comps are over and research has been turned in so I’ll get back to book reviews soon! 

For now, I’m turning off.

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